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FunTasTickz Trash Artz is a problem solving tool developed by Environmental artist Dennis N. Easter to help him navigate the plastics and other trash in his home weekly-  in order to prevent these natural resources from ending up in a landfill. According to statistics, 9 out of every ten tons of plastic bottles collected for recycling will end up in a landfill. On the other hand , the bottle caps are rarely recycled.                                                                                                       

About The Artist

The artist was born in Emporia Virginia in 1950 to two creative parents. His father, a government worker, in his spare time, made beautiful pocket books wallets and picture frames from discarded cigarette packages, while his mother was recycling everything from aluminum foil to wax paper and the gift wrapping paper used for Christmas gifts. d.  his mother would use Christmas wrapping paper year after year. His mother was a recycle queen, while his father was recycle king.  The artist started making art at an early age from things that he would find in the woods while playing with his four brothers.

The artist attended Hofstra University and graduated with a B.S. Degree in Social Science. After graduating, from college, the artist landed a job working for The Administration For Children Services/ ACS, where he was fortunate to work with hundreds of foster children with his FunTasTickz Trash Artz project. The artist worked with the children for two and a half years, in four different boroughs. The artist enjoy teaching the children the art of recycling so much that he had the children bring their own bottle caps to the meetings.  The artist did a special session of creativity at the Children Zone Harlem.. Both the children and the artist enjoyed the event.The Director of the program, Circle Of Support, even collected plastic and metal bottle caps from all of her co-workers. The Jar on the directors desk stayed full with the colorful bottle caps. The director also bought the glue and the craft sticks used in the projects. Because of the director, the artist always had resources for the children to work with.. When the artist first started going to the sessions to work with the children he felt like a teacher, however,as he left each session, he began to see himself more as a student because of the things that he was learning from the children as well.

In order to promote recycling of resources and prevent the resources from ending up in a landfill, the artist is willing to work with other artists and organizations to make it happen. The artist believe that in order to see this problem differently, we must look at it differently. All trash is only mismanaged resources.                  

What Is Funtastickz ?


Bottle Cap Sculpturez

The Bottle Cap Sculpture project was started when the artist was baby sitting his daughter and her nieces and nephew. All of the children were bored. So the artist went to the basement of his home to get the bottle caps, popsicle sticks and glue. All of the children had a wonderful experience. However, I think that I had more Fun than the children.

From Ragz To Blanketz

The From Ragz To Blanketz project started because of a problem: The home of the artist, had no heat. Therefore, in order to stay warm, the artist cut up some of his old clothing that he did not want to throw away - and he made a blanket out of the rags. Now, the artist can see his favorite patterns , designs textures and colors everyday when he make up his bed. The artist, to date, has created 7 Blanketz from the artist's  old clothing that was "too worn to wear and too damaged to donate".

Photography & Trashlight

Photography is the medium that the artist used to tract his artistic progress for all of his projects. Photography is used to capture the nanatural environment.               His Trashlight is about photographing disposable items/trash under beautiful colored lighting, which the artist also developed.

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