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The main goals of the artist is to inspire more people to recycle their plastics , fabrics and other items from their  weekly trash. The artist gives two reasons why we should recycle: first, we should recycle because we are running out of natural resources . Secondly, we should recycle because we are running out of places to put out trash. According to statistics, 9 out of every 10  tons of plastic bottles and bottle caps  collected for recycling will end up in a landfill.  The bottle caps are rarely recycled. Another concern of the artist are fabrics/clothing. The artist once hoarded 4 boxes of old clothing that he could not discard. The artist love the texture , the colors, the designs of all the fabrics. According to statistics Americans discard -------- tons of cothing annually. It is believed by scientist that landfills affect global warming. Therefore the artist feels that by recycling his trash by transforming it into art, he makes his carbon footprint a little smaller. 

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